Every Time I Die / Letlive. / Counterparts / Bare bones / Metro Theatre Sydney 10/1/2017

After quite a long wait since buying tickets I was hanging for this show to come around.

With Sydney going through a huge heatwave it was hot as fuck and a pain in the arse to get to the city and find parking etc.

By the time i got to the show I had unfortunately missed Bare bones, the upside of that was I’ve now taken the time to listen to some of their tunes after a friends recommendation who got there early.

Counterparts hit the stage to a minimal crowd and they showed some energy for the crowd that they had. The song stillborn probably came across the best with some crowd participation and a bouncer intervening to try and stop a circle pit. As hard as they tried Counterparts got dealt a tough hand opening for the bands above them on the bill.


Every time Letlive play live you know that you’re going to be in for something special and tonight was no exception. After starting like a ball of fury, Jason Aalon Butler gets lost in his own world and dominates the stage using every inch of it, while the rest of the band kick back and do their thing. Letlive would be one of the most positive bands i have seen live  hands down, they radiate the love of what they do and clearly practice a lot as they are tight as fuck. Their new material holds up live playing songs like Foreign cab rides, Reluctantly dead and good mourning America.


I’ve managed to see Every Time I Die the last couple of times they have come to Australia and they just get better every time.

From start to finish ETID delivered a high energy show with a relentless barrage of hits covering all of their albums. Underwater bimbos from outer space,Petal and the coin has a say near ripped the roof off the Metro with kids losing their fucking minds. Kieth Buckley worked the crowd in typical fashion with crazy banter while Andy and Jordan shred like its the last show they’re ever going to play. All in all a killer show showcasing some of the better bands around today with some serious talent. 10/10



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