Code Orange -Forever Album Review

Image result for code orange Forever

After seeing a bit of hype around this album I thought It was worth a review.

Code Orange or “code orange kids” for the fans, formed in 2008 and have now released three studio albums, to be honest I can’t say I’ve heard any of their stuff so I cant be bias in any way.

The title track Forever starts the album off on a positive note with a nice crunching riff working up to a nice flow, at this stage the hardcore influence is prominent as is some darker overtones. Kill the creator follows in similar fashion starting with a cool fast punk riff with that mad crunch, at this stage I’m thinking that I’m in for something pretty good.

From this point on its hard to know what direction this album is going. don’t get me wrong I’m all for diversity and mixing genres but this goes off on some weird tangents, sounding a lot like some of the Nu metal bands that didn’t quite make it, a band that comes to mind would be Down to Sun a band “discovered” by Clown from Slipknot. It gets all moody and sounds like a bunch of goth high school kids talking up to each other how dark and depressed they are and who’s got the closest to committing suicide.

They’re not really reinventing the wheel here, it sounds like they have mashed up a heap of 90’s goth metal bands like videodrone or Dope with some half decent hardcore riffs and hoped that it will all work out.

On the upside they appear to have opened for some pretty sweet bands like Defeater and Touche Amore and seem to have a bit of a social media fan base.

Ground breaking? no Forward thinking? no

It isnt the worst thing ive ever heard but there are a few more bands out there nailing that sound. 6/10


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