Suicide Silence – Doris / Album Preview


Every band at some point in their career will come to a crossroads when it comes to evolving and growing as artists.

From their humble beginnings Suicide Silence have always pushed the envelope when it comes to extreme music, from high pitch vocals that could possibly kill a small animal, to the dirtiest darkest breakdowns that if loud enough could punch a hole through a concrete floor.

Their first two studio albums the cleansing and no time to bleed have some of the best production work for the scene and really set them a strong platform with a passionate dedicated fan base. With the untimely death of their lead singer Mitch Lucker it looked like a good band would meet their demise way too early and I thought it would be a sad end for Suicide Silence.

Fast forward a couple of years to where Hernan “Eddie” Hermida announced he was joining the band, I’m like this is going to be epic!!! a guy with some serious fucking range and a crazy amount of talent mixed with all of the skill in the band, this can only be a good thing. They released you cant stop me which had mixed reviews but I personally enjoyed it.

Fast forward again to 2017 and now they have left all of the past behind and can now make a choice of which way they want to go. They have now hired Ross Robinson known for producing some real ground breaking albums from such bands as Korn, Slipknot, Glassjaw and Sepultura, to man the boards and produce something “different”

Robinson to me always uses the same formula where the vocals are quite prominent, any guitarist involved seems to lose most of his talent and can only play simple riffs and he tries to bring out the rawness of what the singer is writing about.

In my opinion Doris is just a heavier version of a song from Korn’s Life is peachy, its not extreme in any way!

Now for the elephant in the room the cleans,what the hell is going on with the first part of the chorus? for a man with such an extreme voice to sound like hes been tapped in the ball sack and they recorded the first noise that came out of him is pretty lazy. As for the rest of his cleans they sound pretty good and sound similar to Jon Davis. There is so much talent in this band that quite frankly is going to waste, the sound is muddy and lacks and sort of consistency or dominance.  I can understand how their fans are telling them to go fuck themselves, they have gone right away from the sound that made them so unique  and pleasurable to listen to in the first place.

On the flip side to that some of the kids out there are going to be losing their shit over this because they haven’t heard that sort of thing so good for them.

As for the album their is a good chance that its going to be pretty horrendous, like the equivalent of pissing on an electric fence you know as soon as you hit it its going to be bad but there you are pissing on it or in this case listening to it.

I hope I’m wrong I really do but by the looks of it we may have seen the extreme side of Suicide silence for the last time. 4/10  XY

photo courtesy of nuclear blast

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