Refused / Sick Of It All / High Tension Enmore theatre Sydney 21st January 2017

Refused are a true definition of punk rock!

They feel free to fully express themselves through their music blending punk with shades of electronic, folk and jazz fusion along with political lyrics. Since they reformed in 2012 they have come back with a new quality album and their comeback live shows have built quite a reputation and have been well received.

Kicking off tonight are Melbourne based High Tension with their wild blend of punk and hardcore, their vocalist Karina Utomo delivered an aural assault with her unique screaming style. A highlight for me was her jumping in the pit and throwing down with everyone, it’s good to see that punk has a strong future. 7/10

The pioneers of New York hardcore Sick Of It All now doing their 30th anniversary tour!? (As I write this the midlife crisis symptoms are kicking in.) They get on stage and have to work hard to get the crowd up and moving. They played a fair mix of older stuff like injustice system, my life and scratch the surface as well as a couple off their later albums. I have to say they did miss a few classics, no us vs them or built to last. All in all they played ok I wouldnt say it was a the best time I’ve seen them. On a side note if my fitness is as good as Pete koller‘s when I’m his age I will be more than fucking happy. 7/10

I didn’t really know what to expect from Refused, I had heard a lot about their shows and every man, women and children have a copy of the shape of punk to come so i thought it should be pretty good.

After a build up of static noise they start off with servants of death. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these guys live it’s something you should add to your bucket list. The sound they produce is perfection and their musicianship is on point. As the band play with the odd banging of the head here or there, Dennis Lyxzen commands respect from the crowd while dancing like he has no control over his body and is swept along with the pace of the music. Some of the standout tracks were Rather be dead with Dennis performing most of the song in the middle of the mosh pit, The deadly rhythm featuring reign in blood by slayer as an interlude and of course New noise which had the whole floor of the enmore shaking.

To sum up Refused blew me away with just how tight and professional they are, they just have a kind of swagger about them where they are so confident they are going to kick your arse, and they fucking just do that! 10/10


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