Stick To Your Guns / Knocked Loose / Relentless / Reactions / Staunch The bald Face Stag Sydney. 24th January 2017

I love hardcore shows!

Something about them brings out a great positive energy and vibe, everyone is there full of life looking to let loose from the grind of every day. Tonight was no exception, 5 bands pushing the crowd to the limit demanding circle pits,sing alongs and throw downs. 

Unfortunately I missed the first band Staunch due to security being a pack of incompetent fucks, how it takes 30 mins to get into a venue of this size is beyond me. 

With people still pouring the door Reactions out of Adelaide open up with the track death grip this is the first time I’ve heard them, their sound is like straight up hardcore adding some groove riffs and touches of clean vocal in songs.Bite my tounge and bound by blood were stand outs with some pretty punishing breakdowns. I’m interested to hear some of their newer stuff that they plan on releasing soon. 8/10

After minimal set change times the local boys Relentless were up next, I really dug their sound it had a real madball style to it complimented with a dash of groove, with standouts like  betrayal, what I become and  disappear they just kept churning through songs and never let up, I would love to see these guys again some time in the near future. 8/10

I’ve been keen to see Knocked loose since I heard there new album Laugh Tracks last year. They fire the crowd up instantly with Oblivians peak which sends the room into meltdown, kids start throwing themselves around without any fucking care for their own welfare. They follow up with all my friends are dead and from then on it never let’s up. With their down tuned guitars the breakdowns hit you like a brick to the face! Playing all the hits including Billy no mates, no thanks and my last words they save one of my favs till last with dead ringer which lifts the roof. These guys have a massive future ahead of them and deserve the following they have. 9/10

Whenever Stick to your guns play they draw the crowd into their world and make everyone embrace the true spirit of hardcore. Jesse Barnett proves once again that he is a phenominal speaker and can make you feel good and believe that everything is going to be alright.

They hit the stage mainly playing material spanning their last four releases including amber, such pain (which opened the pit like a Californian sink hole), against them all and nothing you can do to me. They also played some new material from their latest release better ash than dust which came across well. Over the hour they played the worked the stage and showed why Australia loves it every time they come back.The only negative thing I could say is that they didn’t play for another hour. 9/10

To sum up the future of hardcore is looking very bright both in Australia and abroad. And with the political state in America at the moment, I think we are going to be in for a big resurgence in punk and hardcore over the next four years. 

A big props to stick to your guns for bringing younger bands out and getting them the exposure they rightly deserve. XY

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