Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes- Modern Ruin 2017-International death cult


After leaving UK hardcore band Gallows back in July 2011 due to creative differences. Frank Carter went on to form his new and current band Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes. In 2015 he released Blossom to rave reviews going back to his hardcore  roots and proving his ability to both write and record music.

After the success of Blossom which way would Frank go from here? Would he play it safe? or would he lay it on line and go outside his comfort zone? This time he has chosen the latter and has created a well produced modern British punk album, blending the raw sound of old brit punk like The Sex Pistols and The Clash while still having a polished and modern sound.

Bluebelle fades in sounding like it was recorded in an empty space with just a guitar and Franks voice. It sounds surprisingly gentle and could be a tune that you  even hum to a small child for comfort.

As the next few tracks play I felt it start to suck me in with some great melody and some really good hooks that are still echoing in my head as I write this, both Lullaby and vampires really stand out for me with catchy choruses that show the range Frank Carter has in his voice.

The rest of the album flows really well and takes you on an interesting journey, I like the way he writes songs as I found it hit a nerve and I could really relate to what he was singing about, everything is catchy and even the more slower songs like real life and neon rust hold my attention where normally I wouldn’t be interested.

To sum up Modern Ruin is a solid rock n roll album which you would take to listen to on a long distance car trip. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up a lot of new fans with this one as it covers quite a few genres and it could easily be sellable to the masses given it got the exposure.  8.5/10  XY

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