UnderOath / Sleepmakeswaves / Enmore Theatre Sydney 11th of February 2017

After calling it quits 3 years ago UnderOath have now reformed and are either going for a bit of a cash grab or they’re hitting the road to see if whether  they are still relevant in the scene. I kind of missed the whole emo thing, when the kids of that time struggled dealing with their own shit I was a young adult trying out life and was starting to run out of teenage angst so I wasn’t a massive fan of it. 
The attraction of UnderOath playing their 2 best albums back to back sounded appealing to me because they’re only chasing safety and define the great line have their place in the genre, they are both well written and produced and have the ability to draw you into their world and help bring out anything dark out of you that’s going on in your life and help you try and deal with it.

Since Sydney can’t stay open past midnight I headed in quite early to catch the support band Sleepmakeswaves a Sydney based instramental band. I really enjoyed their set as they took the audience on a sonic journey and had the ability to create a feeling of energy in the room which you genuinely felt lost in. While watching them I thought to myself that I bet they have had quite a few drug induced nights while jamming for hours on end,  if I had to have a complaint it would be they didn’t play long enough.

After a small break it was now time to hear they’re  only chasing safety in its entirety. They pushed through the first album with minimal break time, the more popular songs like reinventing your exit and it’s dangerous business walking out your front door come across good live as well as hearing songs like down, set go played live the first time on any of their tours was good.

I was looking forward to the second half of the show more than the first as I find this is the better album of the two, you’re ever so inviting, returning empty handed and writing on the walls all hit hard and showed promise but the highlight for me  was casting such a thin shadow.

To sum up, I knew what I was in for when I signed up but I left feeling really underwhelmed. I forgot about some of the filler songs I used to skip on those albums which in fact made up 60% of the show. If they go down the road with new material I will be interested in hearing the album but that will be it, to me the mood they set on their albums they can’t back up live and it makes me feel sad………. A little bit emo even. 6.5/10  XY 

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