Meshuggah / Thy Art Is Murder The Enmore Theatre 12th of March 2017

When Meshuggah come to town you know that you are always going to be in for a treat.

Their unique blend of death, thrash and prog metal with a twist of jazz fusion is unmistakable and is really a sound like no other. Touring their latest opus The Violent Sleep Of Reason they have finally dragged their arse to Australia and given their fans a taste of the new material live.

Thy Art Is Murder have the task of opening and bring their mix of death, hate and hardcore to the stage like the equivalent of being hit hard with a blunt object. A revitalised and now drug free CJ McMahon controls the crowd and laws the law down with simple banter like “if you don’t like our band fuck off!” which grabs everyone’s attention straight away. They plow through their set and get the job done. Tracks like Light bearer, Coffin Dragger and Dead Sun are crushing and the Sydney crowd light up and destroy each other with every breakdown. It will be interesting to see which way they go now with CJ being sober I cant wait for some new material.


After a small intermission the lights dim and an atmospheric sound shoots out of the PA with smoke and the faint smell of gunja on the air.

They open with the first track off the latest album Clockworks and the crowd erupts as we are hit with what could only be described as a wall of sound that is as thick as the air getting off a plane in India.

Like any other European band I have seen live they are technically flawless and they let their sound do the talking,how they pull off the riffs that they do while playing 8 string guitars that look as round as tree trunks is beyond me.

Meshuggah play a good mix of both old and new material including classics like Sane, Stengah and Perpetual Black Second. and more recent songs like The Hurt That Finds You First, Lethargica and Bleed. After the classic stage walk off they come back and finish off with Demiurge and Future breed Machine which feel like it should be the only way to finish.

To Sum up once again Meshuggah are crushing live……Period!    5/5  XY



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