Vices / Graves / Ill Natured / Homesick / Fearless The Red Rattler 25th of March 2017

When I write these I normally take a bunch of notes and try and remember my thoughts for the night and write some thing, most of the time it’s pretty generic about how they were or that band was bad, with this I got a totally different feeling and i really got in touch with what it was all about and remembered the main reason I got into punk in the first place.

The true essence of punk and hardcore is not giving a fuck about the norm or what is expected from the mainstream, it’s about standing for what you believe in and trying to get your message out, because deep down in your heart you know you have to do it and try and make the world a better place. 

This show was what I’ve missed about some punk and hardcore shows, it was raw, no frills no major production or light set ups just a bunch of friends playing music supporting each other and enjoying each others time.

Each band had their own style and most were quite strong about the point they were trying to get across. 

Homesick made everyone see how we have to respect the land that we are on and that we should never forget about our aboriginal history and that it wasn’t a white mans originally. Their style reminded me of early Defeater material.

Fearless represent both vegan and straightedge pushing for equality for every living thing on the planet. I also got a mad Propagandhi vibe off these guys.

Ill Natured had the attitude of getting the work done like a nose to the grindstone slamming simple riffs and never letting up.

Graves are some angry young men period. They are the way hardcore is going with 8 string guitars and a shit ton of attitude and after hearing their latest album Monster I can see why they have the following they have.

Vices put on this show with their mates for their mates. Being the album launch for their new one Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible they plow through the new material while between songs letting the audience into their world and explaining what each song means to them and why they wrote it. This band show so much compassion and empathy for other people and in my opinion is a band that a lot of people really need to listen to as they could help open and shape young minds.

I walked away from this show feeling positive and knowing that it’s great that there are still bands out there giving a shit about real things instead of just generic bullshit. 5/5.  XY 

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